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Free pirated version of Minecraft

TLauncher is free software that lets you play Minecraft, however, the service is illegal to use. T Launcher was released in 2013, which is four years after Minecraft was published in 2009. TLauncher does get the latest Minecraft update from the official game after a relatively short period of time.

Badlion, Lunar Client, MultiMC, Salwyrr, and SKLauncher are alternatives to TLauncher. All applications are Minecraft launchers that let you play the sandbox game in client environments with additional features like custom modification packages, servers, and more.

Is TLauncher illegal?

TLauncher is illegal, since the program lets you play the paid game for free. The virtual environment that you enter to play Minecraft on TLauncher will not be the same as the official Minecraft Launcher.

While TLauncher violates piracy laws, the developers of Minecraft do not seem to be too concerned, since the illegal platform has been on the market for a while and receives the most recent updates on a regular basis. Speculations have come up as to why Minecraft does not put an end to TLauncher.

The main advantage of T Launcher is the opportunity for you to demo the full version of Minecraft. Another advantage to the launcher is that you get to choose from a myriad of modifications like Forge and OptiFine, which are both popular mods for Minecraft. TLauncher lets you install mods with more ease than Minecraft does.

The file folder that is associated with TLauncher is much larger than the original Minecraft Launcher since the illegal software includes more modifications. While Minecraft makes you manually set up mods, TLauncher locates the files on your PC to let you install the mods in one click. The easy mod installation may be tempting, however, users need to bear in mind that TLauncher is risky to use.

Both TLauncher and Minecraft offer skins for you that you can change on their individual websites. The skins that TLauncher gives you are not guaranteed to show up on every screen, especially for the screens of official Minecraft users.

Is TLauncher safe?

TLauncher is not safe to use, since you risk legal consequences. Additionally, the privacy policy is not trustworthy. TLauncher has technical disadvantages along with legal and safety issues. T Launcher takes a long time to launch after you open the program compared to the official Minecraft game. The graphic quality is low since TLauncher does not let you play in high pixel mode.

Is TLauncher cracked?

Servers are virtual environments that have custom settings like plugins. While TLauncher has servers, only cracked servers are available for you to join, which are unofficial groups compared to the legitimate Minecraft servers, like Hypixel and Mineplex.

The cracked servers bypass security to illegally allow unregistered players to play Minecraft. While the official Minecraft servers deliver high-quality graphics, the cracked servers deliver a low-quality performance like resolution and speed. Players often find that TLauncher is lagging, since the FPS is low.

The real Minecraft servers will not let unregistered people into the virtual environment. Therefore, TLauncher delivers an unfavorable gaming experience compared to the real Minecraft title. Since TLauncher uses cracked servers, the program receives error messages regularly.

The instability of the servers makes TLauncher unsafe to potential data leaks. Also, the unstable nature of TLauncher makes the game crash often. In case you want to enjoy your Minecraft gameplay, then the best option is to buy the official version.

What is TLauncher like?

The user interface is cluttered with announcements that take up most of the screen. The most recent software updates to the official Minecraft game are listed in the UI to detail what changes the official developers made to the game.

A menu bar is available on the right side of the screen with guides to teach you how to play. The ‘Help’ option delivers additional guidance. Since TLauncher offers premium packages that you can buy, an advertisement for TLauncher premium is in the right panel.

The main button is the ‘Enter the game’ icon at the bottom of the UI that you can click on to start Minecraft on a cracked server. TLauncher does not require you to create a password to log in, instead, you only need a username to play.

In case you have a premium account with the official Minecraft title, TLauncher still lets you play on the pirated software. TLauncher is not the optimal service to use when you have an actual Minecraft account due to low FPS, graphic quality, and privacy. TLauncher does claim to encrypt your login information however the security is not guaranteed.

How do I get the TLauncher download?

TLauncher is not lightweight since the installation package comes with additional files like logs, mods, and more. The software is cross-platform and available on Apple Mac, Linux, and Microsoft Windows PC operating systems.

A pocket edition has been released to let you play on your smartphone devices like Android. The TLauncher Pocket Edition requires you to download the official Minecraft: Pocket Edition to your phone, which makes the process use a lot of storage space on your device.

Risky Minecraft client

TLauncher is a service that lets you play Minecraft for free as you do not need an official account to play. The risk and reward for TLauncher heavily lean towards unfavorable effects that affect your gameplay and privacy standards. In case you use TLauncher, you will experience slower game speeds, lower resolution quality, and compromised security. Additionally, it is important to mention that TLauncher uses more storage space on your PC than Minecraft does.

What’s new?

The developers of the real Minecraft video game are Mojang Studios, who do not seem to be threatened by the presence of TLauncher since the illegal service receives the latest updates of Minecraft in a consistent time frame. 


  • Free gameplay
  • Easy mod installation


  • Illegal
  • Low FPS
  • Low-quality graphics
  • Only has cracked servers
  • Takes a long time to launch

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TLauncher for PC

  • Free

  • In English
  • V 2.82
  • 4.4

  • Security Status

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